Updated Visitor Guidelines



Please Help Us Protect Our Residents

Please DO NOT come in if you are sick or feeling unwell in any way!

Many of our residents are susceptible to illness, where even a cold, “the flu”, COVID, norovirus, and other viral or bacterial illnesses could have serious consequences, not just for your loved one(s), but for all residents as it spreads through the building. Please arrange for a technology-assisted visit until you are feeling better.

Thank you for protecting everyone here.

All Visitors Please Note the Following:

While COVID cases are falling and mask requirements are ending in many areas, we are included in the group where masks are still required. We know the CDC and MDH have not been perfectly clear about who is still subject to masking and other illness prevention requirements. While this may be disappointing or frustrating for you, we appreciate your understanding and support of what we are required to do. Before entering …

 (1) Wear a mask that completely covers your nose and mouth – a face shield alone is not acceptable

 (2) Complete the self-screening form

 (3) Use hand sanitizer

 (4) Go directly to the room of the person you are visiting, and when you leave, go directly to the exit, wearing your mask the entire time, both directions. Please do not stop to visit with any other resident(s) in common areas.

Please do not enter the building and risk causing illness to our residents if you don’t feel well!!